Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bell X1

My merchandise stand!!

The last venue - soundcheck.

Me and the band last night hotel bar - Dom, Me, Dave, Paul.

Me and the band including management and sound - Indian restaurant.

So I went to Ireland to see Bell X1. After the first gig I was just going to go home to my hostel but instead I walked around the back and spotted them in the green room. I knocked and they gave me a "oh noa nother crazy fan" smile. I sweet talked to guy stood near the door who didn't put up much of a fight and I went in to meet them. My work was on tshirts and posters and in magazines and THEY were honoured to meet ME? This was amazing!! Amazing UNTIL we had a few drinks and got chatting. Turned out they had an extra seat int he tour bus for the next few days... would I like to join them?
What a question. Fuck yes I would like to join them!!
So I travelled on the tour bus down to Limerick were they played in an old church with candles and people sat on the floor. Really intimate gig that I will NEVER forget!! Got to stay in a very swish hotel too which was certainly a step up from the hostel (not that I was complaining anyway). So after that gig we got smashed again and I set off at 4am to get a taxi, a bus, a plane and a train home a day early, in time for a party which was totally worth it :D

Also have my new boyfriend joining me on my trip to Iceland which is pretty amazing.

Everything else going really well.
Very busy doing commissions for christmas as well as my own work for presents etc.
Take care

Monday, 25 October 2010


Now then I've been really busy which is why I've been quiet. Designed the tshirts for Bell X1 and booked my trip to Ireland to follow the tour for a week. Here are the final tshirt designs - the colour varies depending on wether you see them in UK and Eire or in Europe. This is the girls tee I'll be wearing in Galway...
I've also been working on wedding invitations - 60 hand painted invites and 60 hand painted name places...

20 hand cut wedding anniversary invitations...

The tours have started up again so been to a lot of gigs recently and ventured to London which doesn't happen very often... Next trip is Ireland and then February I have booked a trip to see the northen lights in Iceland.

I'm working really hard on my list of things to do before I die.
They say you know when you know, but I've found you never really know anything. When I was in college it was the most important thing. Then you realise it's nothing. I don't regret anything, it was the right decision for me at the time - thank you to the person who taught me to see it that way, he probably doesn't even remember saying it but it stuck with me. Just like another friend who said something so simple but so profound, that simply it's noone elses business.
Off subject.
I move out in the next few weeks and I'm writing a new book.
I doubt I will give you any sort of preview of the book cos it is meant for it's entirety... who knows wether I'll ever even make it available before I die. It's shockingly honest and I'm not sure people can handle it including myself, so I may pass the buck (bad pun but my first reasonably clever one) and let it be free when I am gone.
Until then I must work my way through my 'bucket list'.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Noel Gallagher

Painting commission of Noel Gallagher on canvas. Took me longer than it should have but with the blue light it gave the whole painting a blue tinge and therefore slightly more difficult to do.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Bell X1 tshirt design...

Bell X1 contacted me again recently and asked if I was able to come up with a Tshirt design to go with the posters. I won't show it just yet as I am still waiting to have confirmation of which design they liked. They have also put me on the guest list for a couple of the gigs in Ireland so I've booked my flights and have a long weekend in Galway and Limerick. Can't wait :)


I started working at the hospital full time and doing my artwork in the time between shifts and for a few months that was great. Then it got really tough as I started getting close to the patients, many of which would die and leave me quite depressed for a few weeks. I really struggled with life for a while and took a break. I returned with a more realistic approach and it got better... then after a bad few days were ridiculous amounts were expected of us all as caterers, I walked out. I returned a few days later to do my contracted hours only and put up posters advertising my ability of copying photos. I struggled for a while when I felt like I should be doing more commercial work - after all, I practised illustration. To be honest, I love doing this so why push myself to something else. At least for the time being, I'm enjoying my freedom and control with how I work and live each day :)
So this is the first of many commissions that have come my way and this means I don't need to do the overtime at the hospital. You'll never guess what I found in the rice pudding :

ESOL installation

The ESOL installation finished.
Few adjustments after this phot was taken as I was setting it up in the central library.
Each box represents a different story and encourages you to explore it as there is so much detail within each box. The text 'Prasau padek man, Dieve!' means 'Please help me, God!' and the box itself is full to the brim of shredded paper that says 'I do not understand'... I'm sure you're capable of understanding the upside down 'This way up' sign and the letters stacked on the top of one of the boxes...
Really enjoyed doing this and there is talk of it also being displayed in the new history centre in town.
The cafe which this is on show in will be opening in the next few weeks with an evening event to make it official. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

ESOL Exhibition 2

Following the success of the ESOL mini exhibition in the college, the central library would like to feature some work based upon similar stories. I wanted to do something different so am working on an installation to bring all the previous creations together and really try to get across that feeling of packing up your life, your memories, your customs and traditions and everything you know and trying to start again in a new country. After a meeting today I'll know the scale of the installation and can get cracking on building it. Only have 9 days so I can't wait to get started, I love working under pressure - things go wrong and new and better ideas evolve quickly and surprise you...

Tattoo design

Hand drawn tattoo design based upon a number of things this person had listed as his interests, hobbies, background etc. This is for a leg tattoo and will have some, but limited, colour.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Saturday, 31 July 2010


A3 size pencil drawing commission.

Again, I might not be doing commercial work but certianly summat nice knowing how personal these are :)

I figured out I can do one a day and if I got 5 a week I'd be on a pretty nice income...

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I received a message with this photo attached showing a collection of commissions I had done all framed proper professional like :)

Friday, 16 July 2010


A3 size drawing commission.

Monday, 5 July 2010


So I've finished the poster and am just awaiting my 8 figure cheque from them haha also working on a drawing of 3 children, a large drawing of Jock Stein, a painting of Noel Gallagher and a painting of a cadillac. Not commercial, I know, but I love doing it and it's a bit of extra money. Working full time at the hospital too so very busy at the moment. Gonna spend August in Turkiye (working there too) and hopefully spend the winter there... so long as my career break from work goes through :)

Yarin gorusunuz arkadasim xxxx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Final tour poster design.

Final version of the tour poster just sent off :D

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tour poster design.

So I emailed back asking for a time frame... a week :
I go on holiday tomorrow so I had around 6 hours to create this without any ideas etc.
Very happy with the final outcome - just waiting for feedback now...
They had mentioned with it being an acoustic tour, they wanted to present their songs in bare boned glory which sounded great so I took that and used a spine in particular in connection with their song, 'West of Her Spine'. The idea of it being textured and rough looking is taking it to an intimate hand done effect which is what they said they were after and I think suits an acoutsic tour perfectly. Well, that's what I think anyway which is futile if they don't like it!!

Feedback to follow shortly...

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Commission 3

Final one of the set...

Bell X1 Oh my God.

Bell X1 are this great Irish band who, with Damien Rice, were once part of Juniper - another great band. Been to see them 3 times now and the last time I managed to pass on some of my work based on their lyrics to them (with a business card attached, just in case...). They dedicated my favourite song to me which was amazing and thought nothing more of it.

I got an email yesterday off the lead singer, Paul Noonan, commissioning me to do their acoustic tour poster!!!! What an honour :D

These are the books and works that came from their lyrics...

Monday, 14 June 2010

2 out of 3 commissions...

Some big celtic football hotshots apparently...

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Ok so it's all taken down, cleared up, finished :)

Thought I would be more upset but to be honest, I've managed to keep all the things I would have missed from that place anyway!! Always the same - I am just far too lucky and get everything I want... I ain't complaining :D

So I'm doing the commissions I'd had to put on hold (luckily the people were willing to wait), so got a few paintings and sketchs to do which is great to keep my head resting for a bit. Don't think I could concentrate at the moment if I tried!!

Entering this exhibition - basically you buy a sketchbook and fill it in any way you want (you get a themed starting point each) and then you return it. Ths books then go on a tour of America and are treat like library books. After the tour they go on view in a gallery. If you paid extra you get your work digitally put on the website too which will be worth it. Right up my street this.

My theme is - 'Things that changes other things'.

Already got ideas of how one thing can affect another - imagine a domino affect running through the entire book...?

Apart from that I've been choosing my trip :)

Thinking early next year - learning the customs and language, kayaking, climbing, rainforests, hiking up a mountain/biking back down, learning to surf and then a month of volunteer work at the end.

Life is good :)

Will get some of the commissions up soon.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Opening night !!

Still cleaning up on the final morning before the show :S but it all worked out fiiiiiiine. Got home and quick change and back there to greet the masses that was my entire family!! Everyone was really shocked - they knew I could draw but I don't come across as deep or even slightly intelligent unless I want you to see that side of me... either way, I don't think they quite expected it. Was a really good night - saw my old art school teacher and my A level art tutors which was a massive surprise :) had a fair few interested in taking the mermaid off my hands THANK GOD... but no offer on the tree yet :\ Went out after and ended up in an old fire station that had been converted into a 'club' I guess. My mate ended up in quite a problem and got taken home with the cops :S I got sweet and sour chicken so I was happy but then I had to go home cos I had work :(

So... uni is pretty much... over!!!!!!

Got a list as long as my arm of commissions for the next few weeks including decorating space for a festival in Manchester tomorrow. Paid not in cash, but in a ticket to the festival. I could live with being paid in stuff and experiences rather than money quite happily :)

One more important thing to sort out then I'm outta here!!!!!! Just researching now into them working travelling holidays, heading out to Turkiye asap and need to get saving for my Ireland trip. Real life here I am... shame I gotta go it alone :(

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sneak preview !!

My 2D work... not a lot of it but chose my strongest pieces...

The tree... leaves cut out from the Tibetan Book of the Dead... looks untidyyyyyy!!

SO much spirit levelling!! Looks pretty suave if I do say so myself though :)

I bought a dress weeks ago right and it wasn't cheap (probably was cheap to you but I don't like spending too much on clothes - we are the disposable generation and I like that I can buy something from Primark and throw it away when it's been worn. Exaggeration, yes but you get the idea...) but today I found a better one for cheaper too :D I already took the tags off tother one though and don't have the receipt :( I got my nose pierced today... was walking the dog and realised I'm a little bored with my face... looks as good as it did the last time so lets hope it don't get infected or owt.

Big day tomorrow... for many reasons... exhibition is gonna be mint - got a lot of booze and nibbles and we are really organised (compared to some) so not worried now - just gonna enjoy the final day in this chapter of my life and God I can't wait to start the next one :)

I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Setting up the exhibition :)

Working out which postcards are worthy of 'The Wall'.

Initial ideas of display of tags showing 'visual diary' project.
Decided on a cork board with pins and strings hanging freely from.
Sorry to my slave for making her stick double sided tape on the back of every one of them. Twice.

The tree complete with gold cage and bird. After a few comments at how nice the bits of paper around it looked (not visible on this photo), me and magician thought up doing paper cut leaves around out of the pages of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Will look smashing.

Just setting up the exhibition this week in time for the external examinator... exterminater.... terminator?? EXAMINER comes next Wednesday. As you can see - we're having a laugh. I've brought stuff home with me to finish so will only have to put it up on the wall on Tuesday, think it's gonna be a mad panic at the end as usual but it ALWAYS works out in the end so no stress, no stress, no stress. I'm having a chinese tonight to celebrate my hard workingness. I'm staying strong and not going out til next week so I'm building major suspense and very high expectations for the greatest night out ever!! Will let you know :)

Freddie's back!!

Claire setting up the show....

Putting up the show!!

What is a girl to do when Miley Cyrus comes on??


Monday, 24 May 2010

Assessment OVER :D

Had my assessment today !!

Got myself all worked up - not cos it was speaking in front of people, cos I don't mind that and am quite good at talking about what I know - but because it was the last chance to show what I can do... I worked til 2am and got up again at 6. I worked until 2 when my assessment was meant to be but then it was delayed so I paced the room and rode the scooter up and down the disabled ramp til it was my turn. I tired myself out to such a point that I was actually really calm in the presentation and my little cue cards made it so (I don't think) I missed anything out.

AND... my grandpa comes out of hospital tonight :D

Sunday, 23 May 2010

More than this...

I realise everyone going into art/illustrations/creative career has the same intention, but somewhere along the way, money and responsibilty takes over. I really hope it doesn't change me. Of course it's different cos it's always been pretty easy, but the difference, I think, is that I choose to do more. Not that I wanna make life hard for myself (though it sure seems that way sometimes) but like I work my weekends, have done since I was 13. I've never needed to work - other students live on their loans and grants, can't be that hard. And even then, I'd still have my family to pay for things. I chose to work cos I like the independence and control to use the money as I wish.

How did I wish to use it? Save it :\

Point is, I hope that I can stay strong like I have, and actually make a difference somewhere. This book has been amazing to do and experience. While I realise it is not directly associated with illustration, I have done what I believe - invite people in to be part of something bigger than who we are alone.

A lot of art is about seeing things from a different perspective, and for that, we are very lucky indeed. So wouldn't it be a great legacy to give the world...? The ability and invitation to also see - or just try is enough - things from all sides and question?

Biggest fear - not leaving my mark on this world.

I/the book had more power than I expected (see pics below)...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Meaning of life books

A good friend who is filling out one of my books for my assessment needed to face a fear... so we went to Pearson Park Conservatory to play with the turantulas :

He did need a bottle of wine, some herbal remedy meant to calm you down and some rubber gloves!! I do love you Zeiketh :)

I bought myself an ice cream with a FLAKE after :)

Link to animation

Go to my Flickr site to see an animation made last year based on the 'experimental book' series.

Photos of phoenix

Can't upload the video, think it's too big :\
Will keep trying - editing it tomorrow so maybe small enough file to upload.
Here's some photos for now...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wall drawing

Started off I just wanted to draw on the wall. I asked a few people to help as they had the same style. More people joined. I threw a hissy fit. I stormed out. I came back. I carried on drawing. Nearly finished now. First group thing ever to work. Coming together nicely. Hopefully they can't paint over it. We'll have our mark there forever :)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The phoenix burning ritual :D

So after a few games of ring of fire, a fair amount of alcohol, 7 songs on rock band and a take away, we trekked to the back of the golf course behind my house and set alight the phoenix. We had every phone and camera we owned filming it burn and hopefully have some decent footage. Only thing is, I spent days NAY weeks making the bird out of wire, days threading gold thread through it's wings and body and sprayed it all gold... but I didn't get a photo of it :(

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New book...

Last year's short narrative 'A Soul ffor Peace' is finally available online!! Had previously done images with hand written text, so I redid the text with metal letter stamps (which took an age) and scanned and edited to the final state. Please buy it. Only cheap this one. This one won't change your life. Well maybe a little but not quite as dramatically.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Prototype phoenix burning

Had to practice burning the materials I have made the phoenix from to see how it would burn... I also had to get Lewis to set it alight for me as I'm scared of fire :)

Burned really well and lasted a long time so plenty of filming time. Looking forward to burning the real thing on Friday night !!

Friday, 30 April 2010

ESOL comments

All the written comments from the ESOL mini exhibition by it's visitors.

We were all (artists and ESOL students) having our photo taken with the work at the end and one woman came and asked if she could stand with me. I said of course she could. She said one day I will be famous, and she will have a photo of me with her :) This was one of the best things ever and made me really proud. When she said goodbye she said she hopes I have a happy life :) ...just awesome.