Monday, 27 September 2010

ESOL installation

The ESOL installation finished.
Few adjustments after this phot was taken as I was setting it up in the central library.
Each box represents a different story and encourages you to explore it as there is so much detail within each box. The text 'Prasau padek man, Dieve!' means 'Please help me, God!' and the box itself is full to the brim of shredded paper that says 'I do not understand'... I'm sure you're capable of understanding the upside down 'This way up' sign and the letters stacked on the top of one of the boxes...
Really enjoyed doing this and there is talk of it also being displayed in the new history centre in town.
The cafe which this is on show in will be opening in the next few weeks with an evening event to make it official. Looking forward to it.

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