Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Ok so I've long since finished the second care home work and am currently applying for another similar job as a mentor making a series of books for a mobile library around Yorkshire.
It's currently refugee week in Hull and I was a featured artist in a project to make and exhibit personal prayer mats (photo to follow). On the launch day I was also modelling clothes from other cultures and have been given the opportunity of further modelling events in similar context. On Saturday I am running a workshop in Queens Gardens making a weaving throughout the day with children which will be great.

I've been doing a mural on the wall in a mates flat (photos to follow).
Errr... what else? Been festival-ling and partying. I bought a van that I been traveling the country in with Si, sleeping in the back. Tis great.
Am getting bored of typing now been doing it all day. Go see my prayer mat in the history centre in town.
Work in progress: illustrating poem to be featured in Weed World. Watch this space!
Peace and love to all :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


From the book 'Mysteries of the Inner Self' - this image connected with me and so I just copied it, using the dry brushing technique it looked as though the psychic artist had used, though it could have been chalk.

Have just started the second care home doing memory books and it is going great already, and it gives me even more experience to go for a more permanent NHS (ironically here I could end up working for the NHS again, but in my own way...) funded community artist which is like a dream job getting to care and teach and actually enjoy it too. I've also begun a large wall mural... step by step photos to follow!!

Off to the Lake District in about a week with Psy for my birthday :) Gonna head up there and see where the wind takes us and baked beans for my birthday meal!! I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than in the middle of nowhere, completely insignificant, lost in the mind, without distraction and free.

We shall talk when we return.

Me and Si :)

Just how handsome is this boy??


Lots of dogs commission from before Christmas..


Painting of Jimi for my hubby :)

Friday, 25 March 2011


My next care home job starts next Friday, so lots of dreaded prep work to be getting on with!! Yesterday I was in Birmingham for a photoshoot in a studio... Not really my style but its another thing I've had the experience and opportunity of, and it was such a laugh with my mate. If you're interested here is a few photos from the day... not sure I'm heading for a modelling career haha think I'll stick with being the artist!!

Friday, 18 March 2011


Since last updated I have completed the 5 week programme I talked about and consequently am starting another at the end of the month due to its success!! I've finished work at the hospital for a year now which is the change I was needing so much to feel more free, having had a job or education all my life, it was overdue. I'm now living with a guy and am having the time of my life so thanks :)

Music board made after discussions and sing a longs (Elvis - Double Trouble!)

First trip was to Iceland to see the Northern Lights - the most amazing country I've ever seen, absolutely beautiful and will certainly be returning one day. Then this week we had a free party on a farm in Essex with some now-close friends, after only about 20 hours to recover we were off to Amsterdam on the ferry which was (no surprise) another great trip. We saw Mogwai whilst there and a street performer called MC Xander who should be checked out - pure vocalist beats and melodies and he knows what he's talking about.

Next on the list is the Lake District, London to see the Lion King and Nepal and India later in the year.

So apart from pissing about having fun I've been working hard at the care homes, a day workshop with little kids to make MONSTERS out of plastic tubs etc which was great fun and drawing commissions as always. I'm also illustrating a friends poem for 'Weed World' magazine and doing a lot of own work. I find I'm more inspired living with this guy than I've ever felt :)
Holiday board made with the women of Buckingham House..

Some examples of things I've been working on...

Jackson Pollock style with canvas found in skip...