Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tour poster design.

So I emailed back asking for a time frame... a week :
I go on holiday tomorrow so I had around 6 hours to create this without any ideas etc.
Very happy with the final outcome - just waiting for feedback now...
They had mentioned with it being an acoustic tour, they wanted to present their songs in bare boned glory which sounded great so I took that and used a spine in particular in connection with their song, 'West of Her Spine'. The idea of it being textured and rough looking is taking it to an intimate hand done effect which is what they said they were after and I think suits an acoutsic tour perfectly. Well, that's what I think anyway which is futile if they don't like it!!

Feedback to follow shortly...

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Commission 3

Final one of the set...

Bell X1 Oh my God.

Bell X1 are this great Irish band who, with Damien Rice, were once part of Juniper - another great band. Been to see them 3 times now and the last time I managed to pass on some of my work based on their lyrics to them (with a business card attached, just in case...). They dedicated my favourite song to me which was amazing and thought nothing more of it.

I got an email yesterday off the lead singer, Paul Noonan, commissioning me to do their acoustic tour poster!!!! What an honour :D

These are the books and works that came from their lyrics...

Monday, 14 June 2010

2 out of 3 commissions...

Some big celtic football hotshots apparently...

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Ok so it's all taken down, cleared up, finished :)

Thought I would be more upset but to be honest, I've managed to keep all the things I would have missed from that place anyway!! Always the same - I am just far too lucky and get everything I want... I ain't complaining :D

So I'm doing the commissions I'd had to put on hold (luckily the people were willing to wait), so got a few paintings and sketchs to do which is great to keep my head resting for a bit. Don't think I could concentrate at the moment if I tried!!

Entering this exhibition - basically you buy a sketchbook and fill it in any way you want (you get a themed starting point each) and then you return it. Ths books then go on a tour of America and are treat like library books. After the tour they go on view in a gallery. If you paid extra you get your work digitally put on the website too which will be worth it. Right up my street this.

My theme is - 'Things that changes other things'.

Already got ideas of how one thing can affect another - imagine a domino affect running through the entire book...?

Apart from that I've been choosing my trip :)

Thinking early next year - learning the customs and language, kayaking, climbing, rainforests, hiking up a mountain/biking back down, learning to surf and then a month of volunteer work at the end.

Life is good :)

Will get some of the commissions up soon.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Opening night !!

Still cleaning up on the final morning before the show :S but it all worked out fiiiiiiine. Got home and quick change and back there to greet the masses that was my entire family!! Everyone was really shocked - they knew I could draw but I don't come across as deep or even slightly intelligent unless I want you to see that side of me... either way, I don't think they quite expected it. Was a really good night - saw my old art school teacher and my A level art tutors which was a massive surprise :) had a fair few interested in taking the mermaid off my hands THANK GOD... but no offer on the tree yet :\ Went out after and ended up in an old fire station that had been converted into a 'club' I guess. My mate ended up in quite a problem and got taken home with the cops :S I got sweet and sour chicken so I was happy but then I had to go home cos I had work :(

So... uni is pretty much... over!!!!!!

Got a list as long as my arm of commissions for the next few weeks including decorating space for a festival in Manchester tomorrow. Paid not in cash, but in a ticket to the festival. I could live with being paid in stuff and experiences rather than money quite happily :)

One more important thing to sort out then I'm outta here!!!!!! Just researching now into them working travelling holidays, heading out to Turkiye asap and need to get saving for my Ireland trip. Real life here I am... shame I gotta go it alone :(

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sneak preview !!

My 2D work... not a lot of it but chose my strongest pieces...

The tree... leaves cut out from the Tibetan Book of the Dead... looks untidyyyyyy!!

SO much spirit levelling!! Looks pretty suave if I do say so myself though :)

I bought a dress weeks ago right and it wasn't cheap (probably was cheap to you but I don't like spending too much on clothes - we are the disposable generation and I like that I can buy something from Primark and throw it away when it's been worn. Exaggeration, yes but you get the idea...) but today I found a better one for cheaper too :D I already took the tags off tother one though and don't have the receipt :( I got my nose pierced today... was walking the dog and realised I'm a little bored with my face... looks as good as it did the last time so lets hope it don't get infected or owt.

Big day tomorrow... for many reasons... exhibition is gonna be mint - got a lot of booze and nibbles and we are really organised (compared to some) so not worried now - just gonna enjoy the final day in this chapter of my life and God I can't wait to start the next one :)

I'll let you know how it goes.