Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Ok so I've long since finished the second care home work and am currently applying for another similar job as a mentor making a series of books for a mobile library around Yorkshire.
It's currently refugee week in Hull and I was a featured artist in a project to make and exhibit personal prayer mats (photo to follow). On the launch day I was also modelling clothes from other cultures and have been given the opportunity of further modelling events in similar context. On Saturday I am running a workshop in Queens Gardens making a weaving throughout the day with children which will be great.

I've been doing a mural on the wall in a mates flat (photos to follow).
Errr... what else? Been festival-ling and partying. I bought a van that I been traveling the country in with Si, sleeping in the back. Tis great.
Am getting bored of typing now been doing it all day. Go see my prayer mat in the history centre in town.
Work in progress: illustrating poem to be featured in Weed World. Watch this space!
Peace and love to all :)