Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bell X1

My merchandise stand!!

The last venue - soundcheck.

Me and the band last night hotel bar - Dom, Me, Dave, Paul.

Me and the band including management and sound - Indian restaurant.

So I went to Ireland to see Bell X1. After the first gig I was just going to go home to my hostel but instead I walked around the back and spotted them in the green room. I knocked and they gave me a "oh noa nother crazy fan" smile. I sweet talked to guy stood near the door who didn't put up much of a fight and I went in to meet them. My work was on tshirts and posters and in magazines and THEY were honoured to meet ME? This was amazing!! Amazing UNTIL we had a few drinks and got chatting. Turned out they had an extra seat int he tour bus for the next few days... would I like to join them?
What a question. Fuck yes I would like to join them!!
So I travelled on the tour bus down to Limerick were they played in an old church with candles and people sat on the floor. Really intimate gig that I will NEVER forget!! Got to stay in a very swish hotel too which was certainly a step up from the hostel (not that I was complaining anyway). So after that gig we got smashed again and I set off at 4am to get a taxi, a bus, a plane and a train home a day early, in time for a party which was totally worth it :D

Also have my new boyfriend joining me on my trip to Iceland which is pretty amazing.

Everything else going really well.
Very busy doing commissions for christmas as well as my own work for presents etc.
Take care