Monday, 29 March 2010

Fundraiser at Adelphi

Fantastic poster design by Jim Fenwick.
Typography by the little Sarah F.
Arranged by me :)

Hope it will be a success, if nothing else it will be a relaxing night for everyone at such a busy, stressful time so close to the end of the course :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

YCN entry.

Initial ideas...



The final image.
Reasonably happy with this, glad I have the chance to show my ideas, as usual I believe my idea to be better than the final outcome. Maybe someone can take my idea and make it how I envisioned it? I'll be the ideas artist in the background...? Doubtful, but maybe.

Phoenix bags.....

Phoenix bags to go in the series with the Raven bags... Collect them all? :)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Tree is in place!!

Really happy things finally seem to be falling into place, no need to get stressed just do your best then push yourself even harder... "It always works somehow in the end". Think lighting is going to be key here, to show the birds well and achieve the atmosphere I want. Thanks again to all my little worker bees who helped me get it into college :)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Published my book !!

Buy my book!!!!!!

Dead chuffed with finally getting this finished and actually being happy with it :)
Although I just realised something. If you buy the book off the website it won't have all the cool personalised things in it that I am putting on it... but that's why you should buy it off me instead. I doubt anyone would actually pay £23 for it anyway. Except for people who like 23. Hopefully will get some comments about it at the least so I can see how people respond to this kind of thing, see how many people like me there are out there...

Check out the preview at:

Leave me a comment and then buy it from me :D

Jesus, I am cheeky, but then, if you don't ask... you don't get.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Ok, so I'm bored. Everything is going steady which I'm happy with but I need some pressure to get things done, none of this 3 months business. So I asked for some short briefs to do. This is the first of a few editorials. The article was about an asylum seeker waiting, alone, for approval to stay in the country and get his wife and kids with him. It doesn't give information about where he is from, why he had to flee his country, even how old he is etc but I feel that is unnecessary. No matter who you are or where your from, staying somewhere foreign to you without your friends or family would be stressful and terrifying. Everyone could have great empathy for how trapped he feels. That's why I did this piece in this manner, the article tells of how he watches the world from his flat window, how he can't say what he wants to his family, how memories of his wife and kids is all he has right now, until (if he ever does) see them again. He is bullied, tormented and experiences serious racism and prejudice every day, not to mention the overwhelming fear of the unknown wellbeing of his family. The article ends without any conclusion and potentially, even now, his fate may still be undecided. This article really made me think about the other side of asylum seeking. To fear your own home? To be without the little that you have? To live each day without any closure, just fading hope... gotta remember how lucky we are... as I watch my parents argue over watching Coronation Street or some drama set in the Victorian ages, ignoring the fact that there are a further 4 TVs in the house... wish people would open their eyes.

Any comments on this would be great, really wanted to capture a sense of oppression.