Monday, 27 September 2010

Bell X1 tshirt design...

Bell X1 contacted me again recently and asked if I was able to come up with a Tshirt design to go with the posters. I won't show it just yet as I am still waiting to have confirmation of which design they liked. They have also put me on the guest list for a couple of the gigs in Ireland so I've booked my flights and have a long weekend in Galway and Limerick. Can't wait :)


I started working at the hospital full time and doing my artwork in the time between shifts and for a few months that was great. Then it got really tough as I started getting close to the patients, many of which would die and leave me quite depressed for a few weeks. I really struggled with life for a while and took a break. I returned with a more realistic approach and it got better... then after a bad few days were ridiculous amounts were expected of us all as caterers, I walked out. I returned a few days later to do my contracted hours only and put up posters advertising my ability of copying photos. I struggled for a while when I felt like I should be doing more commercial work - after all, I practised illustration. To be honest, I love doing this so why push myself to something else. At least for the time being, I'm enjoying my freedom and control with how I work and live each day :)
So this is the first of many commissions that have come my way and this means I don't need to do the overtime at the hospital. You'll never guess what I found in the rice pudding :

ESOL installation

The ESOL installation finished.
Few adjustments after this phot was taken as I was setting it up in the central library.
Each box represents a different story and encourages you to explore it as there is so much detail within each box. The text 'Prasau padek man, Dieve!' means 'Please help me, God!' and the box itself is full to the brim of shredded paper that says 'I do not understand'... I'm sure you're capable of understanding the upside down 'This way up' sign and the letters stacked on the top of one of the boxes...
Really enjoyed doing this and there is talk of it also being displayed in the new history centre in town.
The cafe which this is on show in will be opening in the next few weeks with an evening event to make it official. Looking forward to it.