Friday, 30 April 2010

ESOL comments

All the written comments from the ESOL mini exhibition by it's visitors.

We were all (artists and ESOL students) having our photo taken with the work at the end and one woman came and asked if she could stand with me. I said of course she could. She said one day I will be famous, and she will have a photo of me with her :) This was one of the best things ever and made me really proud. When she said goodbye she said she hopes I have a happy life :) ...just awesome.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ferens exhibition opening!!

Just been to the 'private viewing' (that sounds so cool) of the new maritime exhibition at the Ferens art gallery where I have a piece on display :D Was a really good night with free orange juice and small-bread-with-cream-cheese-and-strangely-wait-for-it-strawberries-on-top-things!! Of course I just stood next to my own work all night and earwigged to boost my own ridiculous ego :) No, really. For a little bit anyway. Heard some people say "She probably used one of them laser cutters" and I so wanted to scream that I didn't!! Only thing wasn't happy with is that each piece has a caption about its inspirations etc and mine was NOT what I had written AND had a spelling mistake so I look retarded. Tomorrow I'm going to see the person who organised it to get it changed so that it also says it is HAND cut as I had actually specified on the sheet, but nevermind :) After so much sophistication and culture, I went to Godfathers and got a large kebab.

Fundraiser :)

All actually went REALLY smoothly!! First up - Big Joe singing songs about his mums boobs and Osoma Bin Laden... Pigsty next with an impressive set (actually REALLY enjoyed them). Then we did the raffle. What can I say about the raffle. Noone was really listening so we had to call out 39 numbers for each prize but hey it worked out all the prizes went in the end!! Sold all the Tshirts and a bag. Last up were Counting Coins - everyone was up dancing and that made my night really nice and sweaty about 400 degrees in there. Raised a SPLENDID £180 for advertising our final exhibition at the college. Flyers and invitations to be designed, made and distributed now... Thanks to everyone who helped organise, run, get drunk, danced, turned up, had positive thoughts and made it a really good night. Bit different for some people so hope they enjoyed it too, I am at my second happiest at a shithole gig with a glass of lemonade :)

My first happiest is the cinema. I REALLY love going to the cinema.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Swell :D

Well, that went fantastically today!! I thought perhaps 'a few' students would attend... not 20 :) They were all really interested it was great - got a lot of comments in our book from them and from other people passing by. Nice idea to have that I think. Had some guy filming us as we discussed with the ESOL students as they asked questions and I asked them some. The piece I had done about drinking water where I had included some text in Lithuanian was correct and I was surprised to find that the girl who had written it, Margarita, is actually a girl I work with! Small world. Small town... very happy with this exhibition after a lotta work and even my dad came to see it. Link for the video will be up next week some time. Ugh, I am not looking forward to seeing my face or hearing my voice on a video. I don't get how actors don't get sick of the sight of their own face.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Mini-exhibition for ESOL

My little display :)

Tomorrow some of the people who wrote these stories are coming to see the work and someone is coming to film me and the other artists about our work which is swell, I love talking about my work and I am very fortunate I have so many people that let me go on and on and on about it :D

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Poster number 2

They wanted moooore so I did a female version too...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

ESOL poster

I was asked to make a poster for the exhibition so here it is. I used stark black and white contrast for obvious reasons (equality and diversity week) and a silhouette like on police interviews when the person wants to remain anonymous. Yes, it is Lewis. He just has a good face for photos. Lucky bastard. I used individual lines from stories and poems within the booklet to entice people - like a blurb on a book or headline in a newspaper, to hopefully make people want to know more. Shock factor usually works, I know I'd be interested in reading their stories. Well I was interested or I wouldn't have done the work. BABBLING.

Working on my birthday :D

Nah, I celebrated on my weekend off work then back to work Monday morning!! Woman from ESOL had contacted us in the hopes of us doing some work to illustrate the stories from people in her class. ESOL is a English teaching organisation for asylum seekers, refugees etc to give them a chance at a better future, working and living in the UK. We were given a booklet of stories they had written up about their journeys and perceptions of their lives. Some of these had really strong visual suggestions in them, whereas others were more of a challenge. I illustrated 2 of the stories, and 2 of the poems in a combined piece. She loved them and so I'm working on 2 more to expand the exhibition to be shown from this Friday to next week for equality and diversity week. For a change I've created the work EXACTLY as I imagined and EXACTLY as I sketched the plans out. If I work under pressure I don't have time to go off on a tangent - I just get the work done :) I chose to make them cos I like making things. Simples.

This piece was illustrating 2 of the poems - one explained how we are ALL travellers, no matter what our labels and origins, we are all travelling through time; through life. We are all just trying to find our way, which is why I have incorporated images even of celebrities because people seem to forget they are people too. The other poem was about how we can get sentimental over the strangest of things, in this person's case, over a tree. Would trees be the same in every country? No, you'll never find that tree again. The tree to me is like a symbol of childhood, I remember climbing the trees as a kid to sit in and swing from. This tree, or rather, this emotion would not be the same again. I found very similar looking 'trees' and placed a single spotlight (unfortunately not clear in this photo, but hopefully will be at the exhibition) above one of the trees to single it out. It might look the same as the others to us as the viewers but might hold something special and different. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Or something to that effect.

This is from a story by a man from Kurdistan. As a small kid he fled his country and lived for years in caves and Turkish camps with his family, until one day he found his brother dead. He fled and ended up in the UK where he says by day he is man who is 'on his way', but at night, he is a child again, living in the caves with only the stars as lights.

This is by a Lithuanian woman called Margarita. She explained the lack of communication and understanding of the culture felt like she was in the desert without water. Immediately, and probably quite obviously, I imagined this bottle full of words that she couldn't access, couldn't say. The sandpaper is an obvious visual suggestion that I hope people will feel and react to. She said how every night she prayed to God for help. I researched into the Lithuanian for that term and used that rather than the English. I really hope I got it right because I want to be able to connect with her and have her understand something other people do not, this way the roles have been reversed. Her story was really interesting with this metaphor as towards the end she stated that although she now has some water, it is only really just enough for survival.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Carving a tree for 12 hours.

I started carving into the tree this week with selected passages from the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' which is really interesting. I selected a prayer for the dying, about holding back fear and accepting death ready to be reborn once again. Instead of trying to cram too many concepts into the tree design, I have removed the inclusion of a phoenix as well as the ravens. The ravens clearly keep to the theme of death (together with the tree being cut down and consequently killed), whereas the phoenix is just confusing. Instead, I will burn the phoenix and film/photograph/draw/paint from this. The show will therefore consist of the postcards representing the meaning of life, the tree representing death, and the film footage of the phoenix representing rebirth. A full cycle. I think these kinds of projects and exhibitions work well because, whereas a graphic novel or cd cover designs will target certain audiences, the subject matter of life and death is something everyone can and will relate to, something we can't avoid even if we wanted to, we all think about it and at some point will have no option but to face it...

Friday, 9 April 2010

Paperback version of my books.

Pretty happy now my books came in paperback form and look really smart. Changed the cover to black - they couldn't possible get that wrong. Done all the extra bits inside it and sold a copy already to be given as a birthday present :D

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Colouring in :)

Something I've wanted to do for a long time - line drawings of my portfolio work. So I have a drawing version of my portfolio layout and wanted to experiment/practise my colouring skills. I could have done different colours on these but I didn't want to :)

You can see the original versions of these on my flickr site.

Easter break

I've got so much work done this easter break it's been great. I do miss the time I had a life but I know it's only for a little longer and I can have one again. Have been really ill lately but think these few weeks of early nights has made a real difference, feel less pressured and more like this is all possible. I wish I had more time to read all my books and listen to all the CDs I have. Just dug out an old Soul Asylum album and those bananas in the kitchen are FINALLY the perfect ripe-ness for my liking. What a good day. I need a life.

Monday, 5 April 2010

My books came in the post.

My book came!! Not that happy with them considering it took over the 15 days they promised to deliver within and the cover isn't even red like I wanted. Ok, it is red, but not BRIGHT red like I chose. But nevermind, the man wanting to buy one is still interested so I've added the personal touches to the front, and things such as envelopes and tags inside that were necessary. They each come with a bookmark for where you're up to in the tasks, which of course is one of my business cards!! First one signed and sold so well happy :D Also, I have started my own, as I want to be able to show at the exhibition and assessment how it can be done and how it can be completed as a diary like keepsake. Real excited to get doing all the tasks.

Flickr site...

Friday, 2 April 2010

The ending of the 3rd annual bitch-fest with Snapper52

Ok so I don't really feel I can write about how I'm feeling anymore on my own blog, thanks for that. And you see, the problems all sorted, but unfortunately now there is unecessary upset, especially on my part, that is gonna completely taint the ending of the year. Again, thanks, I regretably expected more. That sucks. On the upside I do get to go see Remember Me with my moob-growing future lover, Alan. We do this fight every year, it's nothing new, just leave us to it :)