Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fundraiser :)

All actually went REALLY smoothly!! First up - Big Joe singing songs about his mums boobs and Osoma Bin Laden... Pigsty next with an impressive set (actually REALLY enjoyed them). Then we did the raffle. What can I say about the raffle. Noone was really listening so we had to call out 39 numbers for each prize but hey it worked out all the prizes went in the end!! Sold all the Tshirts and a bag. Last up were Counting Coins - everyone was up dancing and that made my night really nice and sweaty about 400 degrees in there. Raised a SPLENDID £180 for advertising our final exhibition at the college. Flyers and invitations to be designed, made and distributed now... Thanks to everyone who helped organise, run, get drunk, danced, turned up, had positive thoughts and made it a really good night. Bit different for some people so hope they enjoyed it too, I am at my second happiest at a shithole gig with a glass of lemonade :)

My first happiest is the cinema. I REALLY love going to the cinema.

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