Monday, 5 April 2010

My books came in the post.

My book came!! Not that happy with them considering it took over the 15 days they promised to deliver within and the cover isn't even red like I wanted. Ok, it is red, but not BRIGHT red like I chose. But nevermind, the man wanting to buy one is still interested so I've added the personal touches to the front, and things such as envelopes and tags inside that were necessary. They each come with a bookmark for where you're up to in the tasks, which of course is one of my business cards!! First one signed and sold so well happy :D Also, I have started my own, as I want to be able to show at the exhibition and assessment how it can be done and how it can be completed as a diary like keepsake. Real excited to get doing all the tasks.


  1. These look really awesome!! did you do them on lulu?? I need to get my book printed hope it doesn't take as long to arrive though :s

  2. Thanks, they look ok now I've added the extra bits and I've ordered some paperbacks in black so they can't possibly mess them up!! Yeah they're on Lulu - hardbacks take ages but the rest are pretty quick :)