Friday, 28 May 2010

Setting up the exhibition :)

Working out which postcards are worthy of 'The Wall'.

Initial ideas of display of tags showing 'visual diary' project.
Decided on a cork board with pins and strings hanging freely from.
Sorry to my slave for making her stick double sided tape on the back of every one of them. Twice.

The tree complete with gold cage and bird. After a few comments at how nice the bits of paper around it looked (not visible on this photo), me and magician thought up doing paper cut leaves around out of the pages of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Will look smashing.

Just setting up the exhibition this week in time for the external examinator... exterminater.... terminator?? EXAMINER comes next Wednesday. As you can see - we're having a laugh. I've brought stuff home with me to finish so will only have to put it up on the wall on Tuesday, think it's gonna be a mad panic at the end as usual but it ALWAYS works out in the end so no stress, no stress, no stress. I'm having a chinese tonight to celebrate my hard workingness. I'm staying strong and not going out til next week so I'm building major suspense and very high expectations for the greatest night out ever!! Will let you know :)

Freddie's back!!

Claire setting up the show....

Putting up the show!!

What is a girl to do when Miley Cyrus comes on??


Monday, 24 May 2010

Assessment OVER :D

Had my assessment today !!

Got myself all worked up - not cos it was speaking in front of people, cos I don't mind that and am quite good at talking about what I know - but because it was the last chance to show what I can do... I worked til 2am and got up again at 6. I worked until 2 when my assessment was meant to be but then it was delayed so I paced the room and rode the scooter up and down the disabled ramp til it was my turn. I tired myself out to such a point that I was actually really calm in the presentation and my little cue cards made it so (I don't think) I missed anything out.

AND... my grandpa comes out of hospital tonight :D

Sunday, 23 May 2010

More than this...

I realise everyone going into art/illustrations/creative career has the same intention, but somewhere along the way, money and responsibilty takes over. I really hope it doesn't change me. Of course it's different cos it's always been pretty easy, but the difference, I think, is that I choose to do more. Not that I wanna make life hard for myself (though it sure seems that way sometimes) but like I work my weekends, have done since I was 13. I've never needed to work - other students live on their loans and grants, can't be that hard. And even then, I'd still have my family to pay for things. I chose to work cos I like the independence and control to use the money as I wish.

How did I wish to use it? Save it :\

Point is, I hope that I can stay strong like I have, and actually make a difference somewhere. This book has been amazing to do and experience. While I realise it is not directly associated with illustration, I have done what I believe - invite people in to be part of something bigger than who we are alone.

A lot of art is about seeing things from a different perspective, and for that, we are very lucky indeed. So wouldn't it be a great legacy to give the world...? The ability and invitation to also see - or just try is enough - things from all sides and question?

Biggest fear - not leaving my mark on this world.

I/the book had more power than I expected (see pics below)...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Meaning of life books

A good friend who is filling out one of my books for my assessment needed to face a fear... so we went to Pearson Park Conservatory to play with the turantulas :

He did need a bottle of wine, some herbal remedy meant to calm you down and some rubber gloves!! I do love you Zeiketh :)

I bought myself an ice cream with a FLAKE after :)

Link to animation

Go to my Flickr site to see an animation made last year based on the 'experimental book' series.

Photos of phoenix

Can't upload the video, think it's too big :\
Will keep trying - editing it tomorrow so maybe small enough file to upload.
Here's some photos for now...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wall drawing

Started off I just wanted to draw on the wall. I asked a few people to help as they had the same style. More people joined. I threw a hissy fit. I stormed out. I came back. I carried on drawing. Nearly finished now. First group thing ever to work. Coming together nicely. Hopefully they can't paint over it. We'll have our mark there forever :)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The phoenix burning ritual :D

So after a few games of ring of fire, a fair amount of alcohol, 7 songs on rock band and a take away, we trekked to the back of the golf course behind my house and set alight the phoenix. We had every phone and camera we owned filming it burn and hopefully have some decent footage. Only thing is, I spent days NAY weeks making the bird out of wire, days threading gold thread through it's wings and body and sprayed it all gold... but I didn't get a photo of it :(

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New book...

Last year's short narrative 'A Soul ffor Peace' is finally available online!! Had previously done images with hand written text, so I redid the text with metal letter stamps (which took an age) and scanned and edited to the final state. Please buy it. Only cheap this one. This one won't change your life. Well maybe a little but not quite as dramatically.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Prototype phoenix burning

Had to practice burning the materials I have made the phoenix from to see how it would burn... I also had to get Lewis to set it alight for me as I'm scared of fire :)

Burned really well and lasted a long time so plenty of filming time. Looking forward to burning the real thing on Friday night !!