Saturday, 15 May 2010

The phoenix burning ritual :D

So after a few games of ring of fire, a fair amount of alcohol, 7 songs on rock band and a take away, we trekked to the back of the golf course behind my house and set alight the phoenix. We had every phone and camera we owned filming it burn and hopefully have some decent footage. Only thing is, I spent days NAY weeks making the bird out of wire, days threading gold thread through it's wings and body and sprayed it all gold... but I didn't get a photo of it :(

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  1. Ring of fire?! Oh god, I have bad memories of that game, ha ha... I think the fact that you didn't take a photo of the phoenix as it was is quite apt actually, especially as you've used a Buddhist verse in the piece. It reminds me of the sacred mandalas that are made by Buddhist monks. It usually takes them around a week of painstaking work to create the picture, from grains of coloured sand or powdered flowers. They are so beautiful and intricate, but as soon as it's finished the monks sweep it all into the centre of the picture. It's destruction is meant to remind us of the impermanence of life. I reckon you've done a very similar thing.