Friday, 28 May 2010

Setting up the exhibition :)

Working out which postcards are worthy of 'The Wall'.

Initial ideas of display of tags showing 'visual diary' project.
Decided on a cork board with pins and strings hanging freely from.
Sorry to my slave for making her stick double sided tape on the back of every one of them. Twice.

The tree complete with gold cage and bird. After a few comments at how nice the bits of paper around it looked (not visible on this photo), me and magician thought up doing paper cut leaves around out of the pages of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Will look smashing.

Just setting up the exhibition this week in time for the external examinator... exterminater.... terminator?? EXAMINER comes next Wednesday. As you can see - we're having a laugh. I've brought stuff home with me to finish so will only have to put it up on the wall on Tuesday, think it's gonna be a mad panic at the end as usual but it ALWAYS works out in the end so no stress, no stress, no stress. I'm having a chinese tonight to celebrate my hard workingness. I'm staying strong and not going out til next week so I'm building major suspense and very high expectations for the greatest night out ever!! Will let you know :)

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