Sunday, 23 May 2010

More than this...

I realise everyone going into art/illustrations/creative career has the same intention, but somewhere along the way, money and responsibilty takes over. I really hope it doesn't change me. Of course it's different cos it's always been pretty easy, but the difference, I think, is that I choose to do more. Not that I wanna make life hard for myself (though it sure seems that way sometimes) but like I work my weekends, have done since I was 13. I've never needed to work - other students live on their loans and grants, can't be that hard. And even then, I'd still have my family to pay for things. I chose to work cos I like the independence and control to use the money as I wish.

How did I wish to use it? Save it :\

Point is, I hope that I can stay strong like I have, and actually make a difference somewhere. This book has been amazing to do and experience. While I realise it is not directly associated with illustration, I have done what I believe - invite people in to be part of something bigger than who we are alone.

A lot of art is about seeing things from a different perspective, and for that, we are very lucky indeed. So wouldn't it be a great legacy to give the world...? The ability and invitation to also see - or just try is enough - things from all sides and question?

Biggest fear - not leaving my mark on this world.

I/the book had more power than I expected (see pics below)...

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  1. The English satirist Jonathan Swift is credited as saying; "A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart." Your heart should be reserved for the things in life that inspire you. Seems like you're already there :)