Monday, 27 September 2010


I started working at the hospital full time and doing my artwork in the time between shifts and for a few months that was great. Then it got really tough as I started getting close to the patients, many of which would die and leave me quite depressed for a few weeks. I really struggled with life for a while and took a break. I returned with a more realistic approach and it got better... then after a bad few days were ridiculous amounts were expected of us all as caterers, I walked out. I returned a few days later to do my contracted hours only and put up posters advertising my ability of copying photos. I struggled for a while when I felt like I should be doing more commercial work - after all, I practised illustration. To be honest, I love doing this so why push myself to something else. At least for the time being, I'm enjoying my freedom and control with how I work and live each day :)
So this is the first of many commissions that have come my way and this means I don't need to do the overtime at the hospital. You'll never guess what I found in the rice pudding :

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