Sunday, 21 March 2010

Published my book !!

Buy my book!!!!!!

Dead chuffed with finally getting this finished and actually being happy with it :)
Although I just realised something. If you buy the book off the website it won't have all the cool personalised things in it that I am putting on it... but that's why you should buy it off me instead. I doubt anyone would actually pay £23 for it anyway. Except for people who like 23. Hopefully will get some comments about it at the least so I can see how people respond to this kind of thing, see how many people like me there are out there...

Check out the preview at:

Leave me a comment and then buy it from me :D

Jesus, I am cheeky, but then, if you don't ask... you don't get.


  1. Wow!!! This book looks amazing but as much as I'd love to support such creativity, I simply can't afford the price. However, I've just obtained possession of a six foot tall inflatable champagne bottle for which I have little need and would be up for some kind of trade :)

  2. Thank a lot :)
    However, I don't actually have the need for such an item at this present moment... good try all the same...