Sunday, 13 June 2010


Ok so it's all taken down, cleared up, finished :)

Thought I would be more upset but to be honest, I've managed to keep all the things I would have missed from that place anyway!! Always the same - I am just far too lucky and get everything I want... I ain't complaining :D

So I'm doing the commissions I'd had to put on hold (luckily the people were willing to wait), so got a few paintings and sketchs to do which is great to keep my head resting for a bit. Don't think I could concentrate at the moment if I tried!!

Entering this exhibition - basically you buy a sketchbook and fill it in any way you want (you get a themed starting point each) and then you return it. Ths books then go on a tour of America and are treat like library books. After the tour they go on view in a gallery. If you paid extra you get your work digitally put on the website too which will be worth it. Right up my street this.

My theme is - 'Things that changes other things'.

Already got ideas of how one thing can affect another - imagine a domino affect running through the entire book...?

Apart from that I've been choosing my trip :)

Thinking early next year - learning the customs and language, kayaking, climbing, rainforests, hiking up a mountain/biking back down, learning to surf and then a month of volunteer work at the end.

Life is good :)

Will get some of the commissions up soon.

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